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The Daily Life of a Remote Worker: A Gateway to Global Opportunities and Workplace Happiness

An IT company based in Kazakhstan embarked on a mission to broaden its global footprint and empower its employees with the flexibility of remote work. The company involved the Ariela Consulting team and set its sights on securing Digital Nomad Visas for its team.

Ariela Consulting already had a successful experience with receiving Digital Nomad visas in Spain for remote workers from non-EU countries, offering them the chance to live and work in Spain while enjoying its rich culture, technology ecosystem, and quality of life. The Ariela Consulting legal team, armed with expertise in international immigration law, spearheaded the application process and ensured that all criteria were met, from proving stable international income to securing health insurance and addressing the necessary legal formalities.

After weeks of diligent preparation and anticipation, our client received the exhilarating news: the Digital Nomad Visas were approved for all applicants. This landmark achievement not only marked a significant milestone for our client - the IT company in Kazakhstan but also set a precedent for other IT firms in Kazakhstan looking to explore similar opportunities.

Are you looking to offer your staff the ultimate work-life balance and make them happier? Let's make it happen together! Ariela Consulting is here to guide your journey towards embracing remote work benefits and expanding your global footprint. Partner with us to unlock a world where your employees don't just work remotely; they thrive, explore, and experience life to its fullest, all while contributing to your company's success.

Reach out to Ariela Consulting today, and let's turn the dream of remote work into a reality for your team.

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