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Tatiana Ostrovskaya

Senior Partner

Customs, Civil and Litigation, Labor and Immigration Law

Tatiana has a Master’s degree in law. She is a highly qualified lawyer with more than two decades of experience in customs law, civil and litigation, labor and immigration laws. She has dedicated a significant portion of her career to helping businesses navigate the complex regulatory landscape of international trade, as well as import and export compliance matters and trade disputes in CIS. In the realm of civil and litigation law Tatiana has won a wide array of cases ranging from contract disputes and personal injury claims to property disputes and family law matters. Tatiana has a proven track record of achieving favorable outcomes through strategic legal advocacy, negotiation and courtroom representation.

Tatiana’s expertise additionally extends to labor and immigration law, areas which are of profound significance to both employers and employees alike. Tatiana has always provided comprehensive legal solutions; in particular, she helped numerous individuals secure work visas, navigate the immigration process and address labor-related issues.

Languages: English, Russian

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