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A rising demand for IT-lawyers

IT is now an integral part of our lives and is increasingly becoming an undeniable must-have for companies, whether they are start-ups, government-linked companies or multinational companies. Recent developments in Big data, e-Commerce, online marketplaces, fintech, blockchain, mobile apps and social media have only accelerated the growth of Hi-tech and driven the huge need for IT lawyers.

Elena Rozina, Managing Partner of Ariela Consulting LLP shares her professional legal view on the benefits which IT lawyers bring to businesses.

What are special qualifications and skills of an IT lawyer?

An IT lawyer is always a highly qualified lawyer, with an LLB and IT background, practice and deep understanding of Big data, technologies and software development processes. An IT lawyer has a special mind, comprising a permanent tracking of the local and international laws changes and keeping up with these changes to maintain the compliance and sustainability of the business growth and development.

Typically, an IT lawyer’s job scope covers, amongst others, the following areas of law and technologies:

  • corporate & commercial

  • intellectual property, data privacy & protection

  • litigation/disputes

  • tax & banks

  • regulatory & policy compliance

  • data governance

  • open source

  • cloud technologies structure

  • block chain technology - commercial procedure of construction of blockchain and mobile applications, crowdfunding and various compliance requirements and/or limitations

Benefits of a business, having a specialized IT lawyer are evident:

IT start-ups

Due to the growth of the Hi-tech industry, the end-to-end legal services rendered by a specialized IT lawyer can be structured in several business growing phases:

  • Pre-launch

    • Commercial, regulatory & business advising

    • Structuring of an IT company & operating structure

    • Obtaining trading licenses and permit

    • Contracts drafting and review

  • Interim

    • Ownership of rights

    • Privacy & competition law requirements

  • Post-launch

    • Corporate & commercial advisory

    • Further investment transactions

    • Proper advertising and marketing procedure & requirements

A special IT lawyer value for a business consists in:

  • Continuous legal support and enhancement of scratched “from zero” business and operational processes

  • rendering customized legal solutions in light of the rapidly changing IT business and digital landscape

  • being not only a lawyer, but a motivated reliable trusted legal partner

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