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If you aspire to spearhead an IT business, you've found the ideal destination. Ariela Consulting LLP, in collaboration with numerous affiliates globally, presents the chance to establish and nurture businesses across diverse jurisdictions in Asia, the EU, Israel, CIS, and beyond. Leveraging the localized expertise possessed by our partners, we can facilitate the global development of your business. Our capabilities extend to providing comprehensive worldwide.


  • Advice on the law, practice, and procedure of corporate entities in Hong Kong, Singapore, EU, Cyprus, Israel, CIS

  • Technology law and AI, corporate, immigration, family law, IP & trademark, tax, customs law

  • Drafting corporate agreements, offering advice in M&A deals on protection and enforcement of shareholders’ rights, preparing due diligence reports

  • Legal advice on commercial cross-border transactions and legal opinions in a wide range of commercial matters

  • Drafting of commercial agreements, including inter alia, OEM, distribution, license, SaaS, software development agreements, SLA, MSA, NDA, Non-compete, agency, sale agreements, hiring agreements, call-put option agreements

  • Act as your technology counsels in Hong Kong, Singapore, EU, Cyprus, Israel, CIS.
    Incorporation of companies engaged in the provision of technology services and activities in Hong Kong, Singapore, EU, Cyprus, Israel, CIS

  • Counseling in international, bilateral finance, project finance and other finance transactions

  • Bank account opening, provision of bank signatories, issuing due diligence reports, and banking law advice in Hong Kong, Singapore, EU, Cyprus, Israel, CIS
    Legal support of technology companies groups and administration of companies worldwide

  • Registration of partnerships and advice to commercial persons.
    Legal opinions in technology, IP, trademarks, contracts, customs, immigration, tax, banking law

  • Contract management and negotiations full cycle support

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