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Ariela Consulting's Effective Legal Solution for an EU Company in Russia

An EU-based company, facing contractual disputes with Russian partners, enlisted Ariela Consulting for legal assistance. This situation was complicated by the EU company's country of incorporation being listed on Russia's "non-friendly countries" list, posing additional challenges in the business environment.

This challenging situation was adeptly managed under the leadership of Elena Rozina, Founder and Managing Partner, and Inna Tikhomirova, Senior Partner at Ariela Consulting.

Ariela Consulting adopted a two-fold approach. First, we initiated a series of legal trial actions in Russian courts, focusing on the contractual breaches by the Russian partners. Our strategy was grounded in a deep understanding of both Russian and EU legal systems. Concurrently, we engaged in intricate negotiations with the Russian entities to find a mutually beneficial solution to the disputes.

The result was a successful resolution of the legal disputes, safeguarding the EU company's interests in Russia and ceasing the breach of the EU company's rights. Ariela Consulting's strategic legal intervention not only resolved the immediate contractual issues but also established a framework for handling similar challenges in international business contexts.

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